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Carbon Neutrality

Carbon Offsetting Jet Card Options: 


In Partnership With Terrapass:

"We know aviation is more efficient than ever. New aircraft are 20% more fuel-efficient than they were 10 years ago. But even with today’s fuel technologies and your best efforts to reduce the amount of fuel you use, your aircraft will still emit greenhouse gases.

Carbon offset programs fund projects that reduce greenhouse gases to balance the emissions from your flights. Offsets make environmental and economic sense- for emissions that are impossible to reduce, you can use funds to help reduce emissions elsewhere."

In partnership with Terrapass, a leader in the fight against climate change since 2004, CPJet is now offering offsets on any Jet Card, with just an additional 2% of the total purchase price. Terrapass offers simple and inexpensive ways to fight back, by investing in various sustainability projects themselves. With more than 10 different projects currently, they are always looking for new ways to reduce carbon.


Areas of focus:

Farm Power - Terrapass works with farms across the US to make optimal use of animal waste.


Wind Power - Wind energy displaces the electricity generated by dirty fossil fuels like coal and gas.


Landfill Gas Capture - One man’s trash is another’s electricity. Landfill gas capture turns garbage into electricity.


BEF WATER RESTORATION CERTIFICATES® - We are always on the lookout for new ways to cut emissions and generate clean energy.

How does it work?

"Terrapass’s offset program is simply a way to neutralize or balance your aircraft’s carbon emissions by investing in carbon reduction projects. We provide simple, inexpensive ways to measure, manage, and mitigate your emissions. Carbon offset programs can be customized to cover fractional programs, management companies, and charter companies. Whether it is a single aircraft or an entire fleet, we can help you meet your sustainability goals."

Depending on how many hours you fly, Concord will calculate the exact carbon emissions, and from there we will work with Terrapass to offset them on your behalf. This will occur once a year, or twice if the client is flying over 100 hours.