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Why Concord?


25 Hour Jet Card Programs
Light Midsize Super Mid Heavy
CONCORD PRIVATE JET N/A $194,843 N/A $267,416
Sentient Jet $187,450 $241,475 $249,275 $340,100 $194,750 $224,750 $223,750 $342,250
Magellan Jets $178,850 $217,825 $213,650 $314,850
Wheels Up $189,400 $222,075 N/A $403,525
XOJet $195,200 $226,950 $285,025 N/A

Why are our prices so low?

Concord is a small family owned business. We don't have a large corporate infrastructure with high salaries.

Concord doesn't spend thousands and thousands on advertising and marketing.

As founder and owner, I negotiate with providers to make sure I get the best service and pricing for my clients.

A Message from our founder

All of this adds up to savings for our Jet Card clients, and you not only get the best pricing, you get personalized service. I personally service every Jet Card client as President and Founder of Concord.
Call me anytime day or night and I will pick up the phone and be ready to work for you.
Whether you want a light jet, heavy jet, turbo prop or very light jet for short trips, you can use your Card for any mission.
We look to be the only provider of your private aviation needs.
Your hours never expire since we want you as a customer for life.
Look and compare our all inclusive rates next to your Jet Card. If you act now, you will be able to take advantage of our free hour offer which will make your rates even lower!

Since we mostly grow through referrals, tell a friend and we will add an hour to your Card.
President and Founder Neal Impellizeri  

Neal's signature

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